Friday, 22 October 2010

is there ever a right time for a PhD?

Brief post - after all, it's Friday night. Really busy work wise at the moment which hasn't left much time for my PhD. Shame, as I'm SO excited about it...and frustrated that I have to steal time to work on it. I am learning to get bits of time to read chapters, update notes and so on. Ironically, the most productive PhD work session was in a coffee shop in Newcastle (upon Tyne) where I had no distractions. I have dreams of sitting in a quiet room with no other things shouting for my time. Does anyone have that? 

I went to my 'formal' PhD induction this week, ironic as I started reading and planning so long ago - I have realised I'm not a patient student, because I know the value of my time (busy, lots of kids, also doing a compulsory Post Graduate Certificate as a new teacher in HE - you get the score). I didn't learn ANYTHING I didn't know already! - but to be fair, as I'm a member of academic staff who runs inductions for my students, I guess it would have been useful for most people, but I'm on board already. I met a couple of lovely people; finally, people who 'got' the questions I'm wrestling with and I didn't feel like I was talking a different language to!

I've made some progress on the postmodern / constructivist thoughts I had a couple of posts back. I'm reading 'Organizing Identity' by Paul du Gay (2007) at the moment and was pleased to note his revisions / critique of the constructivist agenda. Not that I want to tear it down utterly, but find a less cynical, more objective perspective. Finding books that help move things on is truly a satisfying thing.

 Got some annual leave with the family, which is needed, as my batteries need a re charge. You know you need this when your brain is firing 100% with tasks all the time and the days flash past. (and get writing the re draft of my initial project application).