Wednesday, 16 June 2010

First note on methodology

OK, at this stage it's about introducing (in a fairly un organised
manner!) elements of my thinking about this proposed research into
understanding how professional practice changes in 'communities' of
practitioners within UK children's services. This time it's a stab at
methodology - in other words, how I will collect data. I need to be
honest here - I've got a picture in my head of how it could be. How
'unacademic' you might say: well, perhaps, but at least a blog affords
the opportunity together assumptions 'out there' and to think
critically about them. For me, these early posts are kinds of
'markers' which will no doubt move.

Anyway, enough of that - the picture I see is a creative, Interactive
one - activity based explorations and reflections that will give
people ways to talk about why they do what they do. I'm wanting to
combine the idea of situational mapping (Clarke, 2005) with
modelmaking and map drawing. The details of situational mapping are
for another post, but it's enough to say right now that it reflects
the principles of symbolic interactionism (see previous post) and
grounded theory. The principle of model and map making is about
getting people to articulate things about themselves and their actions
in relation to other 'social objects'. Plus, I'm an avid visual artist
and doodled and passionatley believe I the usefulness of the visual to
promote reflection and discussion, especially when the subject can
seem a little abstract. This needs to work in the real world with real
people who are not interested in 'looking clever'.

I'll come back to this as a theme but am putting this marker down to
get me started. There.